Obama in Holland MI

Earlier this summer, Vice President Biden visited a battery plant in Midland. This week another visitor from the White House visited a battery plant in Michigan: President Obama himself.

Obama called it a rebound from desperate times. Apparently he feels pressured to demonstrate that his administration has made progress and this plant seems like a poster child for his plan. Not only should it create jobs for 300 full-time workers; it doubles as a step toward his desire for clean energy.

According to the Associated Press, though the Holland battery plant was built with $2.4 billion of stimulus money awarded by the government and is the ninth factory to be constructed with stimulus money, Obama declared that government programs were not the goal. Instead, he wants to unleash private sector growth.

I would suggest unleashing this growth with less regulations and taxes, making it easier for anyone in the private sector to obtain property and support a business. Just a thought.


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