Beatrix Potter: Victorian through the Child’s Eyes

“Land is as much personal property as plate or carriages.”

“In future day people will not be able to realize how completely England has been under the thumb of that shifting, incapable old man. May it never again be so completely in any one man’s power for good or ill!”

“If you offer a thing, commonly considered pleasant and desirable, to any person, he will be likely to take it, though he might not have asked for it. Changes are to be treated with the greatest caution, and only granted when really desired and needed.”

“The times are as stirring as those which Lord Macaulay described in the Siege of Londonderry…  In the same way there is as much strange and wild, though times and manners have changed. As wonderful a book as Rob Roy might be written if there was a Scott. There are plenty of odd originals, and dark intrigues, but there is no great colourist to paint them…”

Discover Victorian children’s author Beatrix Potter at Landmarks of Liberty

E. Wesley – Mackinac Center Intern


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