Rearden Metal

Michigan can feel like it’s full of shakers, but there are still many movers. In a scene that could be straight out of “Atlas Shrugged,” an amateur metallurgist in Detroit has created his own version of Rearden Metal called Flash Bainite. Flash Bainite has been proven at six ballistic testing labs to be pound for pound the strongest, most ballistically resistant, readily weldable metal known to man. The process produces steel that is 7 percent stronger than the other forms of steel and even some titanium alloys. In addition, it is more ductile than other steels, which allows it to crumple more before breaking and better absorb impacts. If it sounds like this incredible process would be too expensive to be viable, think again. The process to give steel this strength takes around 10 seconds and is more energy efficient and cheaper than traditional steel making. It is even environmentally friendly as it uses water instead of polluting oils or molten salt and only one Kwatt of energy. The best part is that this amazing metal was created by a DIY American’s ingenuity without an ounce of government funding for his tinkering. I want the first bracelet!


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