Why Must Efficient Services Be Forced On Consumers?

In his recent guest commentary (“Renewable energy works – and works well – in Michigan,” June 18), Skip Pruss claims that “Wind and solar energy in Michigan are proving to be highly efficient, money-saving energy choices for Michigan consumers.” This is great news for energy consumers and clean energy advocates. But it runs counter to Pruss’s desire for a government mandate that 25% of energy in Michigan derives from “clean energy.”

If the forms of clean energy that Pruss supports are as efficient as he claims, energy companies and energy consumers will be drawn to the cost savings that come with increased efficiency. It would seem that either clean energy is efficient and will thrive without government mandates, or clean energy is inefficient and the government is forcing it upon consumers. Consumers should be free to purchase clean energy if they are willing to incur any associated costs, but they should not use the government to force clean energy on others.


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